Our diversified clients include (but are not limited to) manufacturing, construction, marine, high tech, academic institutions and aeronautics.

Our services are comprehensive and include the traditional insurance, executive protection, risk analysis, specialty products, mergers and acquisitions, and due diligence studies.

Our project-oriented risk management approach to serving your needs allows us to mobilize the appropriate insurance and risk management resources to effectively meet your needs and wants.

We believe that the type of industry that our clientele comes from historically, should not be the only reason for selecting us as brokers. Our problem solving abilities, approach, skill level and ability to adjust to the specific situation should also be key considerations.

What differentiates IIBS from the rest of the brokerage community is:

  • Our commitment to excellence.
  • Committed to the risk management process in achieving desired results.
  • A broker that does much more than transmit policies. We review each policy and program very carefully so that the policy/program agreed to is received in totality.
  • A partner that listens carefully, works toward accomplishing established goals, and respects and appreciates the duties and responsibilities entrusted to us.
  • One of our major strengths is our problem-solving abilities. Confirmation can be deduced from our Testimonials.
  • Never cut corners. It is not in our makeup.
  • Historically, the more complex the needs of our client, the more value IIBS brings to the table.

Now that you know who we serve, and what issues we address for them, learn more about How We Work.