star-reviewsQuality and integrity where it counts the most.
“Lou Garbis and the IIBS team have proven to be an invaluable partner with us for all of our commercial business insurance needs for many years. I would recommend IIBS to all without hesitation. We are a diverse multinational industrial group with numerous facilities, some of which are located in challenging environments exposed to unusual risks. Our companies often enter into high value high risk business transactions around the world. IIBS always delivers by providing the right coverage along with excellent risk management services. Lou Garbis epitomizes personal service and is available 24/7. He will do whatever it takes to protect his clients and he does it with professional service and personal integrity.”

Vytas Ambutas – Tang Industries, Inc.

star-reviewsRisk Management Solutions
I have worked with I.I.B.S. on complex global insurance programs for 16 years. The reason I have loved working with them is because they are solution oriented problem solvers. Over these years I have faced a number of market conditions, complex claims and underwriting challenges. Louis Garbis and his staff have rolled up their sleeves and worked side by side with me to weather all challenges. They came up with solutions no one else could and delivered results consistently. They are the go too people when you want Risk Management Services.”

Scot Schwarting – Whirlpool Corporation

star-reviewsIIBS – Second to None
For the 20+ years I worked in the Safety & Risk Management field, Mr. Louis Garbis is the most professional and dedicated broker I know.

In the 10 years of business partnership, Mr. Garbis and his staff at Integrated Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc. (IIBS) always made themselves available to service my company’s need. I recall numerous times when Mr. Garbis & IIBS went out of their way to respond to my inquiries that were beyond the scope of his contractual obligation.

The IIBS staff are resourceful and are well connected to different regions of the globe. They are well versed with the local laws and regulation in the jurisdictions they ventures in.

I personally find Mr. Garbis and IIBS to be more than an insurance broker and agent. They had been a mentor and educator which lead me to effectively coordinated Risk Control activities program for a multi-billion dollars company with footprints in 4 continents.”

Minh Jalley – John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.

star-reviewsIIBS, Inc. is the Premier Brokerage Firm
IIBS, Inc. has been the broker for our company for 20 years. They started out with a project that we were unable to find coverage for anywhere. They were not only able to find the coverage, but has since been awarded the business for all lines of coverage for us. When it comes to coverage review, they are without a doubt the best I have seen. I have no doubts in their abilities and would recommend them to anyone for any line of coverage including P&C, Employee Benefits, Personal Lines, International exposures or any business related insurance needs.”

Paula Blonski – National Material L.P.

star-reviews“Lou Garbis became my broker and insurance/risk advisor in the late 1980s and after over 25 years of working together, I cannot help but recommend him and his IIBS team to one and all. We worked through many difficult situations over the years as our compnay grew and each challenge was met with Lou’s typical enthusiasm, problem solving ability and high level of integrity. I still rely on IIBS today for insurance and bonding needs and have recommended Lou and IIBS to a number of friends and business associates. In a word … they are terrific!”

Lyle Hill – MTH Industries (retired)

star-reviewsCreative and Innovative
I gave these guys the task of locating insurance coverage that the second largest brokerage in the world could not. THEY DELIVERED!!!! Not only the insurance, but also terms and conditions we wanted. They are a joy to work with, always prompt and thorough. I can only sing praises about IIBS and give them my highest recommendation.

The most important thing they delivered is their friendship…..”

Christopher Johnson – Northwestern University (retired)

star-reviewsIntegrated Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc. Evaluation
IIBS has the knowledge and experience to evaluate and service your specific needs. They are professional and customer orientated and strive to provide the best coverages for the best price. They have established strong relationships with insurers over the years which helps their clients and makes for easier re-newals. They are relentless in satisfying the clients needs for asset protection.”

Guy Sisto – Sisto Consultants