What is it like to work with IIBS?

Our approach is fundamental and adheres to the principals of the risk management process. We do not just look at providing policies. We know that policies are only a part of the puzzle. Our approach includes but is not limited to the following:

Knowing our customer – it is useless to have skills if you do not know your client, what is expected of you, and how best to meet your clients goals and objectives. Once we understand the client’s profile – products and services, peoples risk, product risks, operations current and planned, we will visit with our client and map out a strategy that is mutually agreed, with the objective of maximizing our clients’ goals and objectives.

We look for long term partnerships and spare no cost to establish the appropriate foundation. This may include using internal and external resources. We contract with the finest specialists – law firms, actuarial services, and captive managers to tailor our service so that our client receives not only the proper attention, but the best services we possibly can provide. That is our commitment to you.

Our commitment to you becomes personal and uncompromising. Once we agree on a game plan, our commitment is that there is no turning back from achieving desired results!

Service Implementation – Once we have obtained a solid understanding of your business and its risk management goals and objectives, the next step is to agree on a service approach that best responds to your expectations, goals, and objectives. This will include:

  • Outlining and agreeing to services expected of IIBS and support we expect from our client.
  • Assembling a service team that we and you deem proper to achieve the agreed goals and objectives.
  • Marketing Strategies – securing the best value for premiums does not necessarily mean securing the lowest costs. We clearly understand that this is one of our objectives; but our primary goal is to maximize dollars spent so that your exposure is properly addressed.
  • Perform exposure analysis to assist in evaluating preferred level of risk taking.
  • Maintenance Strategy – meet with you on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, or earlier if needed, to review accomplishments and discuss how best to address key operations; and determine if we are meeting established goals and objectives.

Our focus is on you and everything we do for you will always have our total commitment. Our global perspective of offering service will always be provided with the following understanding:

  • Your interests always come first.
  • Provide unconditional commitment to you in assisting you protect your firms’ assets.
  • We strive for the highest standards of excellence.
  • Always treat our clients, partners, and insurers with honor and respect.
  • Look at every problem as an opportunity to learn from and become better.

IIBS believes it is not the name above the door that matters – it’s the people who make up the name. We aim to make a difference in your life and business.

If anything we’ve said strikes a chord, we encourage you to Contact Us as a small first step toward a relationship that might result in major positive benefits for your business, or see Who We Serve.