Does your company have international business?

The Integrated International Brokerage Network (IIBN) incorporates leading risk management brokers and consultants around the globe offering resources and experience to successfully service you in every area of the globe. To date, we have over 79 global partners with the ability to expand as your needs dictate.

One of our strengths is flexibility. Our network includes a partnership of local brokers who understand the operation of global programs, and the importance of effective communication and services. In order to be accepted into our network they must share our philosophy of how a client deserves and needs to be served, and understand that the administration of local service must meet your approval.

This network allows us to manage your insurance and specialized risk requirements on the international stage with a local presence. Our network partners are leaders in their markets. They offer quality services and obtain broad coverage at highly competitive rates, all under our direction to maintain continuity and avoid gaps and duplications.

The Integrated International Brokerage Network (IIBN) will evaluate, consult, and service your international operations in the following global regions:

  • North and South America
  • Europe
  • Asia/Pacific
  • Africa

Should there be requirements outside these network areas, IIBS has the flexibility to locate leading brokerages in those markets and will provide the local representation you require.

The IIBN has offices in key locations throughout the world to service your global insurance and risk management needs.