Whether it’s simply business trip or your annual family vacation, be sure you have planned for the what-ifs.

Having a travel insurance plan can help assure you’re ready for the unexpected. No matter how much thought and planning goes into your travels, there is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances that may interrupt your getaway such as a trip cancellation, flight delays, or a medical emergency.

With over 55 years of experience in the travel insurance industry and response centers in 34 countries. AXA has the expertise and resources needed to provide quality protection for travelers. Their service leadership is founded on three factors: a commitment to the highest quality service, sophisticated technology to deliver that service and a global network of offices who support the service 24/7.
AXA’s international medical network is comprised of over 40,000 international providers spanning over 238 countries and territories, offering our travelers the peace of mind wherever they go. Within our North American operation we have a staff of over 29 medical practitioners who have a clear understanding of international medicine and are able to help manage your care should a medical need arise. As an assistance company at heart, AXA provides a central place for all travelers to manage their travel policy and receive assistance in their time of need. They provide a 24-hour hotline to all their customers to help facilitate next steps in many unforeseen travel events.

AXA offers a variety of plans with various options and limits to best fit your needs and budget. Some highlights from our premium travel insurance plans include:

  • Primary Medical Coverage
  • Security & Natural Disaster Evacuation
  • Hospital of Choice for emergency medical evacuation
  • Pre-existing Conditions Waiver
  • Event Ticket Cancellation
  • Trip Cancellation including: Optional Cancel for Any Reason and Cancel for Work Reason

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