Our involvement and influence now spans the globe.

IIBS, or Integrated Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc., began in July, 1993. Since then, it has experienced substantial growth on both national and international levels. A key ingredient of growth has been through “account rounding” and client referrals. This speaks well for the way IIBS does business, for the services it provides and its unconditional commitment to its clients and to excellence.

As the name implies, IIBS integrates the key areas of risk management to provide multi-dimensional and proactive support services to assist the client to effectively mitigate loss, protect the company assets and – most importantly – save lives.

Our involvement and influence now spans the globe. With our Integrated International Brokerage Network (IIBN), we can service our clients’ local brokerage needs on a worldwide basis, wherever they may be located. We accomplish this goal by partnering with quality international brokers. We are currently serving our clients international local needs in twenty-seven countries. This list is continuously growing.

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